Be an innovator and make sustainable changes that contribute to a more successful, inclusive society on a healthier planet. Let’s dig into strategy sessions and collaborate to attain sustainability goals that have a big impact!

Don’t settle for just building a thriving and prosperous enterprise

Grow your bottom line while having a positive influence on the world

Senior VP, Business Solutions, Bank of America

“Leslie came into an area that was originally perceived as an undervalued part of the organization by several key stakeholders. She helped us develop a strategy & vision and drive execution across the program and thus, became an instrumental part to our success.”

“Leslie’s vision, leadership, and people skills had a significant positive impact on both our team as well as our stakeholders.” 

No more making overpromises to shareholders. No more making the same mistakes over and over again. No more wasted money, wasted time, or wasted resources–your business deserves better! We value transparency and collaboration, using cutting edge approaches to achieve impactful results without unnecessary rework and stress. 

Get your desired results without the extra hassle–guaranteed

We don’t just give you lip service and then abandon you mid-process

Length of engagements and pricing are dependent on the scope of work determined to support your desired outcomes.

The Investment

Change is unique, dynamic, complex, and personal. We use customized, human-centered approaches that deliver sustainable results and support the success of impactful change projects from start-up to mastery. We commit to be resourceful, and work co-creatively with you to deliver a change process that leverages the collective brilliance of your people to reveal sustainable solutions that will create lasting economic, societal and environmental outcomes.

Strategic Change Consulting

Strategic Change Consulting

Capacity Assessment

Change Impact Assessment

Leader/Manager Impact Assessment

Culture Assessment

Change Audit

Here are some assessment options to get you started in the right direction.

Would you first like to better understand the gaps within your organization?

We partner with you to assess your current reality and develop a change strategy. We help you design responsible business solutions.


Our Client Engagement Process

We develop change strategy, build readiness, capacity, and organizational capability 


Our Client Engagement Process

We design responsible business solutions using human-centered techniques


Our Client Engagement Process

We analyze impact of the solution using an impact assessment process designed to leverage high stakeholder engagement


Our Client Engagement Process

We develop the plan, execute readiness activities and implement design solutions 


Our Client Engagement Process

We monitor for course corrections, the achievement of desired results, and ensure mastery of the new ways of working

Measure & Integrate

Our Client Engagement Process

With over 20 years of leading and managing change within global organization and Fortune 500 companies, know that your company is in proficient hands. As a leader in the field, we also have an extended network of specific subject matter and process experts along with coaches that provide extra support in assisting with sustainable business initiatives.

We’ve got this handled…

You can’t afford to leave your complex business decisions to a novice

Leslie is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP ™) and is certified in Human Synergistics' Suite of Organizational Assessments. Leslie also holds a M.A Human Resources. 

What are your credentials?

While our passion is....we do work with some of our clients to support change initiatives that indirectly support positive impacts. Our desire is to create a positive impact and helping our clients do that is what gets us excited to help them achieve their change objectives. 

Do you work on other types of change that aren't focused on Sustainability initiatives?

Each change is unique and we customize our approach to you objectives and unlike many consulting firms, we don't walk away from your change 30 days after implementation. We stay and partner with you to navigate lessons learned and support integration until your results are achieved. The timeline for a full cycle engagement can take up to 2-3 years for an enterprise-wide transformation and we are prepared to support your change effort.

Can we ensure that you will partner with us through the duration of the change process? How long does the process normally take?

We have assisted 1000's of leaders navigate the complexities of change in their organization, within their teams and within themselves. For 20+ years, Leslie has led and managed change within various government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations worldwide, such as Bank of America, Rentokil, NESTE and the State of North Carolina. We keep strong relationships with our past clients and many call us back to help them navigate when their own change efforts do not yield desired results.

How many clients have you worked with?

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Be a visionary and let us guide you towards achieving lasting, impactful change that positively influences society. Your sustainability goals are within reach–get started today!

Don’t let your change goals go unattained

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