Sustainable Business is our passion

We are resourceful and work co-creatively

We speak our truth in a healthy way

We strive to make a positive impact and help our clients do the same 

We follow through and adapt as needed

We are conscious, growth-oriented leaders

We thrive on meaningful connection

Our Values:

“I have been in the business of change for a long time.”

Going from third party talent acquisition to Human Resources and Industrial Relations, I am passionate about using my expertise to equip leaders with the necessary resources to navigate complex transformation.

  • Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP ™) 
  • Certified in Human Synergistics' Suite of Organizational Assessments
  • Certified in Circular Economy & Sustainability Strategies (Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education)

I love helping visionary leaders personally and professionally traverse the complexities of transformation while attending to the human-dynamic of the change to achieve sustainable results.

For 20+ years, I have led and managed change within various government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations worldwide, such as Bank of America, Rentokil, NESTE and the State of North Carolina.

Hello, my name is Leslie Ellis, CCMP ™, Founder and CEO of Meaningful Change Consulting

Head of Enterprise Change Management Office at TIAA

“She's uber organized, quickly establishes herself as an expert, can be counted on, and delivers high quality strategies, tactics, and solutions. She's a team player willing to pitch in well beyond her role to ensure the end result is exactly what is needed to help the client make strategic decisions to achieve goals. She is one of the most strategic and thorough change practitioners I've had the pleasure of working with.”

“Working with Leslie has been such a rewarding experience for me.”

If you need to uplevel your capability to deliver strategic change services, improve results and be seen as a valuable strategic partner in delivering change, let us help you level up from Change Manager to Change Leader.

Next Level Change Coaching

We collaborate with you to deliver a change process that leverages the collective brilliance of your people to reveal sustainable solutions, creating impactful economic, societal and environmental outcomes.

Strategic Change Consulting

  • I have fire walked twice over hot coals
  • I participated in an amateur ballroom dancing competition and won first place in all dances except the Tango, because I couldn't be stopped from smiling. It was fun!
  • I completed a high ropes course event where I climbed up a 30 foot telephone pole, stood on top of it, and intentionally jumped off to the ground

Some of my wildest accomplishments…

  • I own a growing, off-grid cabin rental experience company: OG Cabins, LLC
  • I am passionate about my houseplants, with over 25 spread across our home
  • I spend my leisure time walking the dogs, watching thriller movies and reading change leadership, sustainable business or personal development books
  • I am always working on my own growth and development so I can be my best when helping others

Get to know me...

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