Are you ready to finally uplevel to Strategic Change Practitioner?

SCA 2023 Program Registration is CLOSED!

Enhance your capability to deliver strategic change services to your clients, improve your results and be seen as a valuable strategic partner in delivering change.

Learn how to bust through the “Change Management Ceiling” that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Are you ready to uplevel from Change Manager to Change Leader?

Designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and techniques requires to drive successful strategic change within your organization or for your clients. 

UNlock your potential, Gain Confidence & Drive Results in this 6-month, virtual, small group Program. 
Starts May 15, 2023

Registration is CLOSED:
2023 Strategic Change Accelerator 


Tracy Imm, Founder & CEO at Tracy Imm Worldwide, LLC

“Her guidance enabled me to close knowledge and skill gaps quickly. After working with Leslie, I landed a full-time change leadership role with a global financial services organization where I am leading change management, communications, and training for an enterprise business transformation program.”

“My growth as a conscious change leader is directly attributed to the coaching and mentoring that I received from Leslie.” 

Lindsay C., Change Communications and Engagement Manager

“I not only gained the tools needed to map out and manage the process but also became confident in leading others through change as well.”

“As someone completely new to change management, Leslie’s coaching on how to support a large and extremely complex change initiative was invaluable.”

Felicity T., Change Communications & Engagement Manager

“With Leslie's expertise and passion for change management, I was able to learn fundamental techniques and methodologies to facilitate change communication plans for HR initiatives for over 10,000 employees.” 

Kate N., Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

“Leslie has been invaluable as I pivoted careers from an Operations Manager to a Project Manager. Her advice was tailored to my professional aspirations to advance quickly in my new role.”

“Working with Leslie has provided me with confidence, support, and increased knowledge on how to situate myself in a career I truly aspire for.”

No more! We are here to help you level up and break free from whatever is holding you back from reaching that next level! 

Your contribution is being sought after reactively (or not at all) instead of proactively by those leading the change effort? 

You are experiencing low adoption or high resistance from stakeholders impacted by the change implemented?

You are experiencing significant rework after the change effort is implemented?

Do you ever feel like….

Meaningful Change Community membership (social media community)

Bi-weekly Strategic Change Community Calls with peers up-leveling like you 

1:1 Monthly Coaching Retainer (90 min) for 4, 6 or 9 months

Initial Coaching Session (90 min)

Change Capability Assessment

Our Coaching Program Includes…

In order to determine the best coaching relationship fit, we would love to connect with you over a free exploratory call. During your free consultation, we can discuss which process is right for you!

Let’s chat…

We love equipping leaders with the development and tools needed to solve complex transformation within their organizations and communities. We can’t wait to see you succeed in your journey to becoming a Change Leader! Let’s get to work!

Let’s get you there!

“You deserve to be seen as a valuable strategic partner in delivering change”

We have standard offerings and we can also customize depending on your needs. We offer 1:1 change coaching for executives, senior leaders, project manager and change consultants throughout the length of a change initiative.

Is there flexibility within the coaching sessions?

Leslie has led, facilitated, designed and managed change within global organizations for over 20 years. She personally empathizes with the barriers and frustrations that often hold people back from becoming the Change Leader they desire to be!

How long have you been working in this field?

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Are you ready to finally uplevel to Change Leader?

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